Introduction Section 1 Project Prevention was established in 1997 by Barbara Harris which aimed to sterilize drug addicts who have had several children in the past. These drug addicts do get a choice between a long term birth control i.e. sterilization or a short term birth control; this project would pay a set amount of […]

Character & Voice Re-read Singh Song! by Dalit Nagra and explore how dialect has been used in order to highlight and challenge stereotypes of asian culture? Select at least five quotations that address the themes of stereotypes and love. Identify and explore figurative language and rhythm – how has this been used to create the […]

Bagtas Approved.

Video games have been a pivotal part of our society for the past 30 years and have evolved a substantial amount since their first release. Genres would change; with the most popular genre being action which is almost always accompanied by violence. This violence has caused negative responses from the community, due to the consequences […]

There were rumors of an area in the city where the machines did not loiter and the people were not facing a screen. The market flourished in the abyss of the night; the time when humans would be fast asleep, dreaming of such a place. Under the glistening, glittering, golden lights which stole the majesty […]

Dear Ms Kerr I am writing to you to express my opinions on your article (Twerking, selfie and unlike? Young people don’t speak like that – I should know) which involves your beliefs towards modern day slang. I have a strong connection with the topic and I have felt the need to share my judgement […]